Stryker LAV Model
Toby lewin tank03a

Final clay render of front section

Toby lewin tank04a
Toby lewin tank02a
Toby lewin wip 08 cables

Progress on the flare cabling.

Toby lewin wip 03 vents
Toby lewin wip 04 tools

Added in the tools!

Toby lewin wip 01 stryker
Toby lewin wip 06 body
Toby lewin wip 02 stryker engine
Toby lewin wip 02 stryker engine wire

Undercarriage wireframe

Toby lewin wip 07 side
Toby lewin wip 01 stryker wires
Toby lewin wip 07 nets2
Toby lewin 11986459 10153187069935292 7899307211766955778 n

The unwrapped UDIM layout. Could have been more efficient with spacing but decided it was good enough for now.

This was a hard surface study of a Stryker LAV. The first 3 images are final renders and the other images show various stages throughout the WIP. Was definitely a challenging project. The UVing process was an intense exercise in patience!